The Issue

Across the globe, over one billion people experience some type of disability; yet, it’s estimated that one in every four people that identity with this population experience a bias incident. From the startling normalization of ableist rhetoric and manifestation of ableism in commercial branding, ableism has grippingly flourished and expanded in past years. If we are to support the disability community, systemic reform that prioritizes education, conversation, and activism is of essence.

Our Story

Growing up, founder, Dhruv Patel, witnessed his father, grandparents, and uncles experiencing hand tremors and epilepsy. From hearing ableist slurs at school to viewing the normalization of ableist rhetoric in mainstream media, Dhruv was continuously compelled to take action and his efforts have manifested in the form of AblifyNow. Dhruv’s efforts seek to not only create a more inclusive environment for his family but also the millions like them. Join Dhruv and AblifyNow in dismantling ableism and amplifying disabled voices!

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